Style Analysis

Developing your own unique style is the gamechanger!

It isn’t just about body shape, about fashion, or buying lots of new clothes and accessories.  It’s about so much more which is why our style consultations play a huge part in obtaining a wardrobe that reflects confidence, trustworthiness, beauty and authority.

Makeup rack used for our style analysis appointments

Using Carl Jung’s basic archetypes and your specific body geometrics, you will learn how to dress your bone structure and proportions in an incredibly positive way. You get to bring a few things into the studio from your current closet and we’ll look at the what you love and don’t love from your wardrobe together and talk though a number of elements of style. I will guide you to understand how to dress the person inside on the outside. We’ll mix together body structure and personality with a yin & yang survey to find just the right way to express your personality to authentically reflect you. Your style will follow you from formal to casual and everything in between.

Having completed both your Color and Style sessions, you will understand what works for your architecture, skin tone and your personality which will empower you to express yourself with a style that feels totally authentic to you.  You will leave knowing how to utilize the pieces you already have in your wardrobe to create many outfits in your capsule collection and be able to identify the gaps, for your shopping wish list!

The whole style appointment take 2-3 hours per person. You can come solo or I can host up to three people at a time in the studio.


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establishing a guided game plan for a lasting wardrobe and increased confidence.

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