We spend 2-3 hours in the studio for each person whether it’s a style or a color appointment.

Knowing the colors that look best on you helps give you more clarity when shopping for clothing. You’ll be able to skip over things that aren’t in your season and really go for the ones that are. You don’t have to spend more, but you may decide to once you’re confident something is in your season and style, knowing you’ll wear it until it wears out. Living in your season’s colors should make you feel more alive and vibrant and who doesn’t want that?

Yes! Your natural hair color is always correct—it always suits you and harmonizes with your season. If you play with coloring your hair, knowing your season is key since your hair surrounds your face. Once we know your season, we can get specific about how to talk with your hair colorist about what will suit you best. It’s fun to see what an impact the right hair color has!

It is! This experience is truly priceless and will serve you for a lifetime. The amount of money you will save going forward by avoiding purchases that don’t suit you and just hang in your closet unworn will amaze you. You’ll be confident spending your money on investments that you will love and become your go-to elements of your wardrobe. Let the compliments commence! Also, you will leave both color and style with reference books that you will come back to time and again. After color, we will send you with a fan of your custom color fabric references and instructions for how to best use them.

All that said, bringing someone with you for a group discount is a way to improve the price.

I’m located just a short ways off I-90 so the drive to get to me is scenic and fairly easy. I’m also really close to the outlet malls in North Bend, which can be a fun stop after your appointment—Nike, Columbia, Coach, Maurices, Pendleton, and more. There are good restaurants and coffee shops near me and the Salish Lodge is just down the road. If you want to build out a luxury day, their spa and restaurants are top notch!

We need natural light to get you into the right season so I adjust appointment availability based on how long the days are. If you need an appointment later in the day, try for the spring or summer months when we are long on daylight.

P.S. Style doesn’t require daylight so come do that anytime. The hours are always long!

They’ll grow on you, promise! Once you see how good you look in your season, it’s hard to unsee it. We’ll evaluate each of the 36 representative colors in your season during your appointment to find our favorites and talk about how to play with the ones you may be less sure of, but you’re gonna love them all before you know it! I always encourage you to reach out to me if you find yourself struggling with your colors. We can figure out what’s hinky and keep you happy and on course.

Nope! Everyone should start with pulling out the things you already have in your season and get them into rotation. We’ll talk about how to best work in things not in your season at your appointment. You’re even welcome to bring a few items you’d like me to talk you through once we find your best colors if you’d like.

Nope! Not the color police. Just giving you tools that you can take and use however you like.
When I had my colors done, I went with a friend and she gave me a bunch of her black after our appointment, but she hung on to some favorite and still rotates them in thoughtfully.
You always get to do you!

You’re certainly not alone! I can assist with online shopping once we know your colors and style. And I’ll also share recommendations and resources for making in-person shopping a better experience during your appointment. You’ll already be ahead of the game knowing your colors and style.

Sure! It’s fun to have someone come along to witness the magic. I’ve got snacks and extra chairs in the studio.

You bet! And it’s really great to know the season of men in your life if you shop for them or want to encourage them to do more shopping for themselves and enjoy it. Men are often surprised how much value they find in these appointments!

Yes, if they can sit for a good long while. That said, kids have pristine complexions and look great in everything so I say dress them however you want! Teens can have a blast in my studio, especially if they start having an interest in clothes and makeup. We can get them started off on really solid footing. What a gift!

Yep! I try to stock everything we’ll use during your appointment in the studio so you can walk out with any of it and recreate the look the next day. House of Colour makeup is formulated to be sold in the UK so all of it meets the European standards for clean ingredients. You certainly don’t have to buy any makeup, but it might be the quickest and easiest way to get into your season as it’s selected for your specific season. It can be tough to nail your season’s makeup colors in the store and wearing the right lip colors for the first two weeks after your appointment can be life changing!

I’m always happy to have you contact me directly for any makeup needs. You can also order online and use my client code to get the in-studio pricing.


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