Color Analysis

House of Colour has spent nearly 40 years perfecting the most comprehensive, individualized color analysis available.

Using the science of color, we will find the seasonal palette that helps you shine! You will learn about your own unique coloring and see firsthand how some colors are dramatically more flattering on you and harmonize with your natural coloring. No more guessing about which colors work for you; you’ll leave knowing the perfect hues for makeup, hair color, and clothing.

It’s magical to see the process in person!

First, we’ll analyze your personal color palette using natural light and precision-dyed drapes. You will take home a personalized booklet and a beautiful fan containing swatches of all your colors, with customized notes made just for you.

Then we’ll match mineral powder, blush and mascarad to your personal coloring, and help you find your perfect lipsticks. This is part of our full-service makeup offering that helps you find products that fit your colors perfectly. Our cosmetics are available for purchase and are a premium range of clean products adhering to European standards to House of Colour. For men, we typically skip the makeup process unless otherwise requested, though I often try to tempt them to try our silky primer.

We’ll try on each of the 36 colors in your season (representative of a quarter of the colors in the universe) and find our absolute favorites and take before & after photos that you will have for your reference.

You’ll get directions once you book an appointment for just how to prepare for your appointment and then you get to sit back and enjoy the magic. The whole appointment take 2-3 hours per person. You can come solo or I can host up to three people at a time in the studio.

House of Colour North Bend Color Analysis Wheel


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